The word book

ISBN: 9781564785664, 1564785661
OCLC Number: 759728573
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Mieko Kanai
Translator: Paul McCarthy
Language: en
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
Publication Place: Champaign, IL
Japanese Copyright Year: 1979
English Publication Date: 2009
Notes: Japanese title: Tangoshu.
Abstract: Like the surfaces of a jagged crystal, each story in this collection shows an entirely different facet when viewed from a different angle. Playing games with the basic units of both life and fiction-the solid certainties of the self, the world around us, and the words we use to describe these things to one another-Mieko Kanai creates a reality where nothing is certain, and where a little boy going out to run errands for his mother might find that he's an adult, and his mother long dead, at the end of a single train ride. Using precise language to describe dreamlike plots owing as much to Kafka and Barthelme as to Kenzaburo Oe and the long tradition of the Japanese folktale of the macabre, The Word Book is an unforgettable voyage to absurd, hilarious, and terrifying locales, and is the English-language debut for one of the greatest and most interesting Japanese writers working today.