MM9 : monster magnitude

ISBN: 9781421540894, 1421540894
OCLC Number: 712117294
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Hiroshi Yamamoto
Translator: Nathan Collins
Language: en
Publisher: Haikasoru
Publication Place: San Francisco
Japanese Copyright Year: 2007
English Publication Date: 2012
Abstract: Japan is beset by natural disasters all the time: typhoons, earthquakes, and...giant monster attacks. A special anti-monster unit called the Meteorological Agency Monsterological Measures Department (MMD) has been formed to deal with natural disasters of high “monster magnitude.” The work is challenging, the public is hostile, and the monsters are hungry, but the MMD crew has science, teamwork...and a legendary secret weapon on their side. Together, they can save Japan, and the universe!