The samurai banner of Furin kazan

ISBN: 0804837015, 9780804837019
OCLC Number: 71210007
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Yasushi Inoue
Translator: Yoko Riley
Language: en
Publisher: Tuttle, 2005, 2006, 2011
Publication Place: Rutland, VT, Boston, New York
Japanese Copyright Year: 1959
English Publication Date: 2005
Notes: Japanese title: Furin kazan.
Abstract: Originally published in Japanese in 1959, this classic novel by Yasushi Inoue takes place during the Japanese Warring Era (1467-1573)-a time when Japan was ruled by three young powerful warlords: Takeda Shingen, Iwagawa Yoshimoto, and Hojo Ujiyasu. The story focuses on Takeda Shingen and his one-eyed, crippled strategist, Yamamoto Kansuke. The brilliant strategies of Kansuke, inspired by his passion for war and his admiration for his enemies' war tactics, are beautifully expressed throughout this book.