J-Boys : Kazuo’s world, Tokyo, 1965

ISBN: 9781933330921, 1933330929
OCLC Number: 669755048
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Shogo Oketani
Translator: Avery Fischer Udagawa
Language: en
Publisher: Stone Bridge Press, 2011, 2012
Publication Place: Berkeley, CA
English Publication Date: 2011
Abstract: Kazuo Nakamoto's life in inner-city Tokyo is one of tea and tofu, of American TV and rock 'n' roll. Kazuo is nine. It is the mid-1960s, just after the Japan Olympics, and Kazuo dreams of being a track star. He hangs out with his buddies, goes to school, and helps with household chores. But Kazuo's world is changing. This bittersweet novel is a deft portrait of a year in a boy's life in a land and time far away, filled with universal concerns about fitting in, escaping the past (in this case World War II's lingering devastation), and growing up.