More stories by Japanese women writers : an anthology

ISBN: 9780765627339, 0765627337, 9780765627346, 0765627345
OCLC Number: 632228297
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Editor: Kyoko Selden, Noriko Mizuta
Language: en
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
Publication Place: Armonk, NY
English Publication Date: 2011
Notes: Contents: This child by Higuchi Ichiyo, Her daily life by Tamura Toshiko, The song the owl god himself sang : "Silver droplets fall fall all around" by Chiri Yukie, Miss cricket by Ozaki Midori, Thorn by Mori Mari, Masks of whatchamacallit by Hayashi Kyoko, Water's edge by Tsushima Yuko, Cherry blossom train by Saegusa Kazuko, The strange story of a pumpkin by Kurahashi Yumiko, Mama drinks her tea by Ogino Anna, Transit by Ogawa Yoko, The tidal hour by Yu Miri, The tale of wind and water by Sakiyama Tami, Starlets scintillating in my eyes by Tawada Yoko, Fiction within fiction : "Shono Yoriko, fiction" by Shono Yoriko, You people's love is near death by Kawakami Mieko.