ISBN: 1932234152, 9781932234152
OCLC Number: 62287956
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Koji Suzuki
Translator: Glynne Walley
Language: en
Publisher: Vertical, 2005, 2006
Publication Place: New York
Japanese Copyright Year: 1998
English Publication Date: 2005
Notes: Japanese title: Rupu.
Related: Ring Trilogy, Book 3
Abstract: In the novel Ring, the videotape was the vendetta of Sadako, a tragic girl who could not be sated with simple revenge. In the sequel Spiral, a mutating virus displaced the tape and came to threaten the entire diversity of life. In this much-awaited conclusion of the Ring trilogy, everything you thought you knew about the story will have to be put aside." "In Loop, the killer mimics both AIDS and cancer, in a deadly new guise. Only one person, Kaoru Futami, asks where the disease could have originated. The youth, mature beyond his years, must hope to find answers in the deserts of New Mexico and the Loop project, a virtual matrix created by scientists. The fate of more than just his loved ones depends on Kaoru's success.