Classics of Buddhism and Zen : the collected translations of Thomas Cleary : volume one : Zen lessons : Zen essence : the five houses of Zen : minding mind : instant Zen

ISBN: 1570628319, 9781570628313, 1590302184, 9781590302187
OCLC Number: 61874359
Material Type: Nonfiction
Document Type: Book
Translator: Thomas F. Cleary
Language: en
Publisher: Shambhala, 1997, 2002, 2005
Publication Place: Boston, London
English Publication Date: 1997
Abstract: Volume One of Classics of Buddhism and Zen contains teachings predominantly from the Chinese Zen (Chan) tradition, including the writings of revered Chinese masters such as Pai-chang, founder of the Chan monastic tradition; Huang-po, one of the forefathers of the Lin-chi-tsung or Rinzai school; Foyan, the great master of the twelfth-century Chinese Zen "renaissance"; and many others.