Treasury of the true dharma eye : Zen master Dogen’s Shobo genzo

ISBN: 9781590304747, 1590304748, 9781590309353, 1590309359
OCLC Number: 606405985
Material Type: Nonfiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Dogen
Editor: Kazuaki Tanahashi
Language: en
Publisher: Shambhala, 2010, 2011, 2013
Publication Place: Boston
English Publication Date: 2010
Notes: Japanese title: Shobo genzo.
Abstract: Treasury of the True Dharma Eye (Shobo Genzo, in Japanese) is a monumental work, considered to be one of the profoundest expressions of Zen wisdom ever put on paper, and also the most outstanding literary and philosophical work of Japan. It is a collection of essays by Eihei Dogen (1200--1253), founder of Zen's Soto school.