Winter sleep

ISBN: 1932234136, 9781932234138
OCLC Number: 57535022
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Kenzo Kitakata
Translator: Mark Schilling
Language: en
Publisher: Vertical, 2004, 2005
Publication Place: New York
English Publication Date: 2004
Notes: Japanese title: Fuyu no nemuri.
Abstract: Nakagi, an ex-con painter who has sequestered himself in a mountain cabin, is trying to elevate his art. The only thing breaking his solitude are the visits of two women: an art dealer who wants him to produce the sort of paintings that she would like to buy from him, and a young, aspiring, and soulful apprentice. When Nakagi welcomes an escaped felon into the emotionally fraught fold, and begins to teach him to paint as well, Winter Sleep awakens to a literally incendiary climax.