The essential Akutagawa : Rashomon, Hell screen, Cogwheels, A fool’s life and other short fiction

ISBN: 1568860617, 9781568860619
OCLC Number: 42032881
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Editor: Seiji M. Lippit
Language: en
Publisher: Marsilio
Publication Place: New York
Japanese Copyright Year: Rashomon: 1914, The nose: 1916, The spider's thread: 1918, Hell screen: 1918, The ball: 1920, Tu Tze-chun: 1920, Autumn mountain: 1921, In a grove: 1922, Cogwheels: 1927, A fool's life: 1927, A note to a certain old friend: 1927
English Publication Date: 1999
Notes: Contents: Rashomon, The nose, Kesa and Morito, The spider's thread, Hell screen, The ball, Tu Tze-chun, Autumn mountain, In a grove, The faint smiles of the gods, San Sebastian, Cogwheels, A fool's life, A note to a certain old friend.
Abstract: Selections.