Kangaroo notebook : a novel

ISBN: 0679424121, 9780679424123
OCLC Number: 34663956
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Kobo Abe
Translator: Maryellen Toman Mori
Language: en
Publisher: Knopf, 1996; Vintage, 1997
Publication Place: New York; New York
Japanese Copyright Year: 1991
English Publication Date: 1996
Notes: Japanese title: Kangaru- no-to.
Abstract: One man's hell at the hands of the health establishment in Japan. It begins when he discovers radishes sprouting from his shins. Admitted to hospital, he finds himself in the grip of bizarre forces: a self-propelled hospital bed, doctors intent on curing the wrong ailments, infant ghosts and mysterious windstorms.