Lonely hearts killer

ISBN: 9781604860849, 1604860847
OCLC Number: 319501248
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Tomoyuki Hoshino
Translator: Adrienne Carey Hurley
Language: en
Publisher: PM Press
Publication Place: Oakland, CA
Japanese Copyright Year: 2004
English Publication Date: 2009
Notes: Japanese title: Ronrii haatsu kiraa.
Abstract: PM Press is proud to bring you this first English translation of a full-length novel by the award-winning author Tomoyuki Hoshino. What happens when a popular and young emperor suddenly dies, and the only person available to succeed him is his sister? How can people in an island country survive as climate change and martial law are eroding more and more opportunities for local sustainability and mutual aid? And what can be done to challenge the rise of a new authoritarian political leadership at a time when the general public is obsessed with fears related to personal and national "security"? These and other provocative questions provide the backdrop for this powerhouse novel about young adults embroiled in what appear to be more private matters--friendships, sex, a love suicide, and struggles to cope with grief and work.