Exotic Japanese stories, the beautiful and the grotesque; 16 unusual tales and unforgettable images

OCLC Number: 279720
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Translator: Takashi Kojima, John McVittie
Editor: John McVittie, Arthur Pell
Language: en
Publisher: Liveright Pub. Corp.
Publication Place: New York
English Publication Date: 1964
Notes: Contents: A sprig of wild orange (introduction), The robbers ("Chuto"), The dog, Shiro, The handkerchief ("Hankechi"), The dolls ("Hina"), Gratitude ("Hoonki"), The faith of Wei Sheng ("Bisei no shin"), The lady, Roku-no-miya ("Rokunomiya no himegime"), The kappa, Saigo Takamori, The greeting ("Ojigi"), Withered fields ("Kareno-sho"), Absorbed in letters ("Gesaku zanmai"), The garden ("Niwa"), The badger ("Mujina"), Heresy ("Jashumon"), A woman's body. 22 collage illustrations in color and black & white by Masakazu Kuwata.