Poems of a penisist

ISBN: 0914090070, 0914090089, 9780914090076, 0914090089, 0914090089, 9780914090083
OCLC Number: 1932299
Material Type: Poetry
Document Type: Book
Author: Mutsuo Takahashi
Translator: Hiroaki Sato
Language: en
Publisher: Chicago Review Press, 1975; University of Minnesota Press, 2012
Publication Place: Chicago; Minneapolis
English Publication Date: 1975
Notes: Introduction by Burton Watson.
Abstract: “In the name of / Man, member, / and the holy fluid, / Amen,” begins Mutsuo Takahashi’s epic one-thousand-line erotic fantasy poem, “Ode,” the centerpiece of his groundbreaking collection of queer poetry, Poems of a Penisist. Takahashi’s work, reminiscent of Walt Whitman’s, is a celebration of the male body, treating homosexual desire as something sacred. Stunningly beautiful and passionate, Poems of a Penisist is one of the most important compilations of homoerotic poetry written in the twentieth century.