Murder in Japan : Japanese stories of crime and detection

ISBN: 0934878870, 9780934878876
OCLC Number: 14904965
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Editor: John L. Apostolou, Martin H. Greenberg
Language: en
Publisher: Dembner Books
Publication Place: New York
English Publication Date: 1987
Notes: Contents: The psychological test by Edogawa Rampo, The red chamber by Edogawa Rampo, The razor by Naoya Shiga, Han's crime by Naoya Shiga, The thief by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, In a grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, The affair of the Arabesque inlay by Tatsuzo Ishikawa, Black market blues by Haruto Ko, The secret alibi by Seicho Matsumoto, The woman who took the local paper by Seicho Matsumoto, Rain by Shotaro Yasuoka, The dream soldier by Kobo Abe, The pawnshop murder by Shizuko Natsuki, The sole of the foot by Shizuko Natsuki.