Shinjuku shark

ISBN: 9781932234374, 1932234373
OCLC Number: 132316637
Material Type: Fiction
Document Type: Book
Author: Arimasa Osawa
Translator: Andrew Clare
Language: en
Publisher: Vertical, 2007, 2008
Publication Place: New York
Japanese Copyright Year: 1990
English Publication Date: 2007
Notes: Japanese title: Shinjukuzame.
Abstract: Tokyo detective Samejima is so methodical and unrelenting in hunting criminals and thugs that he is known as the Shinjuku Shark. Feared by the yakuza (Japanese mob), he's reckless and a loner. But when a serial killer targets the city's officers with a mysterious weapon, Samejima begins investigating illegal arms dealers and gun traffickers who might know about the weapon and who has been using it.